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Welcome to MoonCoin pool!
posted 05/06/2017 16:10:45 by aika

Ticker: MOON
Algorithm: Scrypt
Max coins: ~385,000,000,000 MOON
Difficulty Re-target Time: 8 hours
Pre-mine: 0

Gradual reward reduce

Block Time: 90 Seconds
Block Reward: 29531 MOON
Since nHeight#1,100,000:

Blocks 1,100,000-1,199,999 Reward: 17906
Blocks 1,200,000-1,299,999 Reward: 16414
Blocks 1,300,000-1,399,999 Reward: 15151
Blocks 1,400,000-1,499,999 Reward: 14069
Rewards will decrease gradually until the block 5,432,100,000,
the total supply of 385 billion will be reached ~ in 15488 years.